Meatless Zucchini Lasagna

When something is delicious, it doesn’t need much introductions. So how about when it’s healthy and delicious? I present to you my meatless zucchini “lasagna”. You won’t miss the pasta and you won’t miss the meat with [...]
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Healthy raw chocolate fudge energy bars

I promise you it takes longer to spell the name of these bars than it takes to make them ( or eat them ). I’ve been experimenting with raw energy bars since Easter with various results. There’s one Middle Eastern variation that I perfected and [...]
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Breakfast Egg Muffins

I ran out of oats this weekend. It is news because I rarely, I mean rarely, run of oats. I mean, name a recipe and I can tell you how you can add a handful of oats and make it better for you. But, I’m not posting to tell you about how I ran [...]
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Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

Osteoporosis is one of those diseases that is often overlooked yet is so debilitating and common that it deserves our attention. A bit of awareness can go a long way as it is easily prevented. I had no idea that May was Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention [...]
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The weekend in pictures ( 17-18 May 2014)

Since we’ve had family over the past few weeks, we’ve been visiting all the touristic sites in and around Paris. Some of which I’ve already seen before, however; it was a totally different experience. For one, I have a kid which changes [...]
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