The dangers of salt fluoridation in Lebanon

Not all salt is created equal. However, if the new law on salt fluoridation in Lebanon sees light, not only will all salt in this country be equal but it will pose a public health threat and we won’t be able to do anything about it. Photo credit When you hear the word fluoride, […]
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A weekend in Lyon

To celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, we escaped to Lyon this past weekend. It was my husband, my girl and I, all three, together, every minute of the weekend. Sleeping in the same room. Doing the same activities. Okay, I can totally see you shaking your head now. It wasn’t much of an escape, was […]
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Good-for-you Homemade Clean “Nutella”

Of all the people I know, only one hates Nutella. Not only because of all the misleading ads or the palm oil or the sugar. She hates it because of the hazelnuts. Hadn’t it been for those nuts, I’m pretty sure we would have witnessed her clean healthy remake a long time ago. Unlike my […]
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The number one habit of healthy eaters

It’s not working out, it’s not buying all organic, it’s not surviving on salads and green juices. Although these are included in the lifestyle haul, the number one habit of healthy eaters is: PREPARING Healthy Foods and having them on hand for quick and easy meal making. In simpler words: Healthy eaters are prepared and […]
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Kundalini yoga by the Seine

Saturday morning, I packed my yoga mat, hopped on the bus without a stroller for the first time in months, and headed to a free yoga class by the river Seine. The class is part of weekly fitness classes offered by Les berges de Seine. From Pilates to running, from yoga to boxing, a wide […]
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